1. My second session on my Alex Grey inspired sleeve has finally fully healed. 


  2. lalabinxuniverse preguntó: Just thought I'd ask, r u into doofs? I always get to see Alex greys work in doofs in Sydney :)


    I really don’t have idea if Alex Grey will be in Sydney, visit: http://alexgrey.com/events/ for more information. 

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  6. cxrxa preguntó: My boyfriend absolutely loves his artwork and I'm trying to get him a copy of something, any suggestions where I can find one? :) thank you!!

    Go to: http://shop.cosm.org/

    I suggest your his books or a poster.

  7. swimminginfrequenciez:

    Human Geometry - 2007 - acrylic on linen by Alex Grey

    (vía raven-steals-the-light)

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  10. Old sketchbook, a scribble from during a TOOL show.

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